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Thai for Children

Children learn in a natural way, getting amazing results. We believe their education needs to be about having fun and using the language in a natural way.

The Modulo programs and teaching methods were developed with this in mind especially for six to twelve-year-olds. We use our own, specialized designed books and materials to ensure your child receives the best education available

Our Program

The language experts at Modulo have selected this amazing course just for you.

Modulo Thai

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Modulo Thai is a fun, creative, action-oriented course full of visual and audio documents that reflect the lively world of children and gives them a zest for learning.

The course has been specifically designed using a gradual, spiral approach to reinforce learning from one lesson to the next. Each unit consists of key vocabulary and grammar essential for children who want to speak, read and write Thai.
Our teachers inject fun and life into all their classes, guaranteeing your child will not just learn Thai, but they will want to keep coming back. No other school is able to motivate young learners like we do at Modulo Language School

Modulo Thai

Success from the very beginning


The Modulo Thai program is built around the needs and wants of our students.


We offer free online homework and exercises, especially made for Modulo Thai, for all students.


The Modulo Thai series is a great tool for studying with our great experienced Thai teachers.


Our curriculum can be studied using either transliteration (phonetic) for people who want to focus on speaking or the Thai script for those who want to learn reading and writing in Thai.

Join the many Modulo students who have improved their Thai!

Learning how to write Thai

Clear objectives and maximum progress


The program is divided in 6 levels, from A1 Starter to C2 Advanced.

6 levels
Intermediate B2


Each level is divided in 10 to 14 units with their own themes and new language; a level takes 60 lessons to complete.

60 lessons
48/60 lessons


The student's understanding and Thai skills improvements is regularly tested and validated to maximize the learning experience.

100% learning
My Thai is great!

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Modulo follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for assessing your language skills.

It's a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. The Ministry of Education of Thailand adopted it as an official language standard in 2015.

  • A1 | Starter
  • A2 | Elementary
  • B1 | Pre-intermediate
  • B2 | Intermediate
  • C1 | Upper-intermediate
  • C2 | Advanced

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Sample Documents

  • Sample curriculum

    English Unlimited curriculum PDF Icon

    All our levels are structured to maximize our student's learning. Our curriculum covers all parts of the language; reading, writing, speaking an listening. We also believe that learning should be fun and we supplement our teaching with many exciting class activities.

  • Progress Report

    Progress report PDF Icon

    We keep the parents well informed about their children's language learning progress. We regularly test our students and create a progress report detailing the strengths of the student as well as the things that need to be improved.

  • Certificate

    Modulo certificate PDF Icon

    After completing each 40-lesson course, our students receive a certificate to highlight their achievements. Following the CEFR official Thai levels, we help our young students take their Thai skills to the next level.

Modulo is an incredibly extremely amazingly fun and effective language school.

1 - Assessment We start with an assessment of your skills (for free!).

2 - Objective We then set a clear and realistic objective after discussing both your needs and wants.

3 - Learn Finally, it's time to learn with our experienced and qualified teachers!

4 - Use What is the fourth step? We help you use the new language in a natural setting with our social activities in the Modulo club.

Assessment Assessment
Objective Objective
  • Home 1
  • Home 2
  • Home 3
The results!

Our features

All age groups

Our students start studying at 6 years old and there is no maximum.

All levels

We teach effectively from the first beginners' phonics to advanced grammar rules.

Amazing live teachers

All our teachers are Native speakers, qualified and experienced. No computer or video learning!

Personalized courses

Students can choose to study a course designed especially for their wants and needs.

Friendly international atmosphere

When you study at Modulo, you become part of our multi-cultural family.

Flexible & convenient

Choose when to study to match your work / school's schedule. 7 days a week, all day!

Great value & clear prices

With Modulo, you receive the best quality at a reasonable price. No hidden fees!

It works!

Our proven, effective methods will allow you to progress quickly while having fun. We are truly Thailand's best!

and more...

Most of our courses offer free access to exercises, activity sheets, practice tests, grammar references and much more.
Computers are available for our students so they can work on their language skills between lessons.
You can browse any of our ressources, including books, audio and video materials.
We offer our students a chance to meet each other under the supervision of our teachers. Get dressed for Halloween, have a Christmas dinner, or discuss the latest Hollywood blockbusters; we have activities for all tastes.

Why learn Thai?

Each year over 12 million people travel to Thailand and a large number relocate or spend an extended amount of time there. Tourists can easily get by speaking no Thai if they stick to the main tourist areas and establishments. If you want a richer holiday and fuller cultural experience, knowing a little Thai will definitely go a long way.
If you plan to stay for a while, it will give you independence for all those simple day to day tasks like ordering food, going shopping or travelling. Knowing Thai will allow you to start a business with a much greater chance of success than any non-Thai speaker and can make it a great deal easier for you to land a high paying expat job. Furthermore, it will allow you to successfully integrate into society and have a happier and more fulfilled life. Overall the quality of your life in Thailand will be significantly increased if you can speak Thai.
The below information is definitely worth reading for those who are planning to spend an extended amount of time in Thailand.

Working in Thai

Jobs for foreigners are quite limited in Thailand. There are lots of foreigners who would love to relocate to Thailand but they cannot because they are unable to find a job. In Thailand there are lots of large multinational companies that do employ foreigners and normally offer large salary packages. If you can read and speak Thai, it will be infinitely easier for you to land these types of these jobs.

Integrating into society

Imagine that you are living in your home country and a new neighbor moves in. You try to build a friendship with him over the years but his language skills are terrible and he doesn’t seem to be improving or even interested in improving. I’m sure that you won’t think very highly of him.

Education visa

England map on flag

We offer complimentary ED visas to all full-time students as defined by the Thai Ministry of Education. (minimum of 8 weekly lessons)
Our staff will take care of providing you with all the information needed to make sure you obtain your visa without any problems.

Map of Thailand and flag

ED Visa Requirements

  • You must want to actually learn Thai
  • A passport valid for at least another 6 months
  • 8 photographs (white background, 4x5cm)
  • Some nationalities require a security certificate
  • 2 signed copies of your passport
  • The completed application form as required by the MoE
  • An official letter from Modulo language school
The items in italic are taken care of by the school