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MAre you looking for a top-notch Korean language program for your teenager in Bangkok? Look no further than Modulo Language School - the premier provider of Korean language education for secondary level students in International, Bilingual, or Thai schools.

Our general Korean courses are designed specifically for modern youth and cover all essential language skills, improving grades at all levels. With experienced and qualified teachers who specialize in teaching Korean to non-native speakers, your child will receive a first-class education.

At Modulo Language School, we understand that education is more than just language learning. That's why our unique and effective approach combines proven teaching methods with constant cultural and linguistic immersion in the classroom. We're committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education that includes the development of modern values and critical thinking skills - essential skills for success in today's fast-paced world.

Don't let language barriers hold your child back. Give them the gift of fluency in one of the world's most important languages. Enroll them in Modulo Language School's Korean language program today and prepare them for a bright future. Our comprehensive language education will prepare your child to succeed in any environment and thrive in today's globalized world. Contact us now to learn more and get started!

Learn About the CEFR Levels
Modulo Thai teen student


Our learning content

Here are some details about Modulo's Korean courses for students

International School Programme

For Korean as an additional language

We teach students from international schools using a combination of Western and Eastern learning and teaching techniques.

Modulo is committed to internationalism, developing the global citizen, providing an environment for optimal learning, and teaching in an international setting that fosters understanding, independence, critical thinking, and cooperation.

Private Schools

General Korean for all speakers

We teach students from Private and Bilingual Schools just like we would teach young native speakers for communication.

Studying in two languages is about more than just language proficiency. It opens and develop the mind to prepare children to the 21st century and expands the choice of both university and career for the future.

Thai Schools

From Starter to Speaker

Learning Korean remains a popular and useful option in the 21st century. Modulo helps developing both communication and test-taking skills.

Learning a foreign language is not just great for brain development, school results and creativity. They are the key to success in a fast-changing, global world of communication.

Modulo Documents

Take a look at sample documents we use

  • Sample curriculum
    We maximize learning and cover all parts of the language and use plenty of Korean conversation with fun, exciting activities.

  • Progress Report
    We regularly test our students and create a progress report detailing the strengths of the student as well as the things that need to be improved in their upcoming lessons and classes.

  • Certificate
    After completing course, our students receive a certificate to highlight their achievements based on the CEFR equivalent of Korean levels.

picture of a Korean teenage student at Modulo Language School

Modulo Teens Korean

Korean Language focus for all students

Our standard teenagers course with a focus on speaking practice and communication as well as a multidisciplinary approach to help with both school work and test-taking, and learning about Korean culture.

Korean Language from Seoul University

From A1 Beginner to C2 Expert

Activate your Korean. This 6-level course combines a focus on grammar and vocabulary with a structured approach to learning functional language for successful communication.

Its communicative approach to language learning gets students talking. Students are first provided with vocabulary and grammar input, and then they have the opportunity to activate this learning through communicative activities.
The complete solution for learners in school from 11 to 18 years old.

  • Book
    The Korean Language from Seoul University program is comprised of 6+ quality student's books from Seoul University and the Ministry of Education and Science in Korea.

  • Teachers
    The Korean Language series is a great and fun tool for studying with our excellent experienced Korean teachers.

  • Audio
    This curriculum also comes with interesting audio CDs for our students to improve their listening skills.

Join the many Modulo students who have improved their Korean!


Our method makes learning easier

Simply follow these 4 steps to language learning success

1 - Assessment

We start with a free assessment of your current level and skills at our language centers in Bangkok.

2 - Objectives

We then set clear and realistic objectives based on what you want and what you need.

3 - Learning

Our qualified and experienced teachers help you learn your language of choice, in-person or online.

4 - Speaking

We help you use the new language in a natural setting to build fluency and confidence.


Why Modulo is the right language school for you

We care about our students. Your success is our success.

All age groups

Our youngest students start studying at 6 years old and there is no maximum.

All levels

We teach effectively from the first beginners' phonics to advanced grammar rules.

Amazing teachers

All our teachers are Native speakers, professional, qualified and experienced.

Personalized courses

Students can choose to study a course designed especially for their wants and needs.

Modulo student

International atmosphere

When you study at Modulo, you become part of our multi-cultural family.

Flexible and convenient

Choose when to study to match your work/school's schedule. 7 days/week, all day in-person or online!

Great value

With Modulo, you receive the best quality at a reasonable price. No hidden fees!

It works

Our proven, effective methods will allow you to progress quickly while having fun.

a male Korean teacher from Modulo Language School

Amazing Teachers

They are, put simply, the best

All our Korean teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience. They go through Modulo's high-quality training programs and receive regular coaching and workshops continuously through their career with us.

About our international Korean teachers:

  • Native speakers
  • University degrees
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Modulo elite training
  • Teaching experience

Did we mention they were also great fun to be around?

a stack of books on a wooden desk

Great Books

Great tools, just for you

The Modulo materials are custom made to maximize student's progress and to get you speaking Korean right from the start. With 6 levels to choose from, we have enough to keep you busy from your first words to mastery.

The Modulo language books are the perfect materials for our proven and very effective teaching methods and they are only available at our schools. Made with our students, for our students, by our great academic team of senior instructors.

We do not only teach Korean learners. We teach people. All our classes are customized for you.

Screenshot of Modulo's Live Video Learning platform


Live distance learning with native teachers

Quality language lessons in easy-to-use virtual classrooms

Is travelling to one of our branches not a convenient option for you? If so, don't worry. Modulo doesn't just deliver the best lessons in the classroom, we also offer the best online video distance learning lessons.

Learn at your own pace and practice with highly-trained native-speaking teachers. There's no software to install, or special equipment needed!

Learn more about Modulo Live

6 Languages, 1 School

Contact us today for a free trial lesson or assessment in Bangkok or online

Modulo is a high-end "boutique" language school. We do not only teach languages, we also teach students. What you want and what you need are always at the center of everything we do for you. No other language institute can deliver the same kind of personalized, high-quality content that we are famous for. All of this makes us Thailand's leader in high-quality language education.

"คุณครูสอนสนุกและดูมีความสุขที่ได้เจอนักเรียนเข้าใจในเนื้อหาได้ง่าย 사랑해요선생님"
Korean for Teens
"ชอบเรียนเพราะสนุกและได้ความรู้ด้วยค่ะ มีทั้งเรียนในหนังสือและนอกหนังสือด้วย"
Korean for Teens
"I am studying Korean at Modulo. It’s fun class. I want to have class more often."
Korean for Teens


Benefits of studying Korean

Learning Korean at Modulo Language School is a blast!

A Korean girl making a fun pose

Korean culture and media

FFrom music to fashion, games to TV shows, there's no denying how popular Korean culture and media has become over the last 10 years. Time to get rid of translations and subtitles! By learning Korean, your child will be able to enjoy Korean culture in its native language and get the most out of the media they love.
What's more, having a third language is a huge benefit when applying for top private and international schools. What's better than learning something fun and beneficial for your teen's future at once?

Contact us about your learning objectives

Korean Media

Blackpink, BTS and GOT7 are some of the top K-pop groups in the world, and that's just scratching the surface. Korean series dominate Netflix, and Korean video games and gamers are some of the most popular to watch on Twitch and YouTube.
Your teenager will love their Korean kids course at Modulo Language School as our teachers help them understand their favourite media.

Korean Culture in the Future

Korean media is just the start. As companies like Samsung and LG continue to grow, there will be more and more great future opportunities for Korean-speaking individuals to land top jobs in huge corporations. Preparing your teenager now with a Korean language course will surely benefit their future.

Korean as a Third Language

You may think that Korean is hard to learn because it has a different writing system, but learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is very easy. Teens can learn Korean quickly, and boost their portfolio as they apply for university and eventually work. What's more, our native Korean teachers will make sure they have lots of fun while learning.

Learning another language is like becoming another person.
Haruki Murakami