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5 Most Common English Mistakes

April 2021 | Five Mistakes With the English Language Thai Speakers Make

With more and more Thai people eager to learn English, there are noticeable trends beginning to form. Let's look at 5 of the most common English mistakes Thai people make, their origin, and how what the correct form is!

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British vs. American English

March 2021 | The differences to know between British and American English

English in the US can be quite different from English in the UK. With this quick guide, you will know exactly what differences to look out for, in terms of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and spelling, so that you can speak like a local.

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Reasons for homework

February 2021 | Six reasons why homework has an impact on your education

Homework is a habit that will help you see the usefulness of anything you study. Not only will It enable you to progress faster in your studies, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment. So use homework to explore the language you learn!

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Language Nutrition

January 2021 | Languages: Food for the Brain

The importance of “language nutrition”, and how it influences brain development, health, and future academic achievements. Kale or blueberries may be super foods, but neurons crave for stimulation… and learning a language is the best kind!

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