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The best school to improve. succeed. advance. progress.

Everything at Modulo is geared towards making your experience not only educational, but also enjoyable.

Modulo offers a huge variety of English, Mandarin, French and Thai classes on a flexible schedule. You deserve the best! All our teachers are experienced and qualified. They are experts at teaching speakers of other languages.

We have language courses for all ages, from children's phonics to advanced business classes and conversation. We offer 6 levels: Beginner A1, Elementary A2, Pre-Intermediate B1, Intermediate B2, Upper-Intermediate C1 and Advanced C2.
ESL students can study more than seventy different subjects at twelve levels, from absolute beginner with no English language skills to extremely advanced level classes that prepare students for TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC exams.


Who We Are

At Modulo, you are placed in classes perfect for your needs, but the flexible schedule allows you to raise or lower your level or change subjects simply by discussing it with a student advisor. Modulo's advisors will help you with choosing the right level and subjects for your study program, and with just about anything else.

Our combination of highly qualified teachers and flexible programs for all allows us to give our students the best high quality instruction available at very attractive rates. Modulo teachers are university graduates with training in second-language instruction. Our teachers use both proven traditional techniques and the latest teaching innovations; we have small classes, with an average of 3 – 4 students, maximum of 8.

Enjoy learning languages at Modulo Language School, Bangkok's new exciting language school. We offer many English, Chinese and French as a Second Language programs to help you reach your personal, academic and career goals.

Students have access to an interactive computer lab with free high speed Internet access and a variety of self-study materials. We provide students with free access to our book library.

At Modulo, students can relax in our student lounge, with a complete selection of drinks and snack bar. A wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, with easy access to rapid transit are just outside our doors. If you want to learn English, Mandarin Chinese or French in Bangkok, Thailand, your adventure begins here, at Modulo.

Meet the Team

  • Nat Owner My personal goal is to offer both Thai people and foreigners the best language learning opportunity
  • Julien General Manager My team and I work very hard, day after day, to bring the best quality in education to our students and customers.
  • Edward Assistant General Manager I'm determined to guarantee all our students have the most productive (and fun!) learning experience possible.
  • Golf Director of Operations We have a variety of courses to suit your needs with reasonable prices and special promotions. See you soon at Modulo!
  • Nan Assistant Director of Operations I have a good memory. I never forget a face or a name. I am easily approachable by adults and children alike.
  • Rob Academic Director R9 I'm keen on business teaching and I have a large amount of experience teaching English in the corporate world.
  • Mike Academic Director CW Guaranteeing our students get the best language learning service possible both motivates and inspires me.
  • Reese English teacher I'm a very energetic teacher, and I transfer this energy to my students, ensuring they always have fun and learn!
  • Joe English teacher I'm a friendly and patient English teacher who makes a comfortable learning environment for all my students.
  • Sultan English teacher I always keep the class fun and interactive so my students are engaged, interested and having a good time!
  • Ian English teacher I like to use creativity and storytelling to intrigue and inspire; providing both realistic and imaginative contexts.
  • Alex English teacher I'm an easy-going people person who loves fun and helping people succeed. You'll see this reflected in all my classes.
  • Satamp English teacher Teaching is always surprising; it's not just about boring classrooms but about learning new things, together!
  • Brian English teacher The opportunity to see my students learn and improve is what motivates me to continually grow as an educator.
  • Stephanie Head Chinese teacher I'm an easygoing, patient and friendly teacher who loves to share my beautiful language and lovely culture here.
  • Yun Yun Chinese teacher I make my classes alive and fun for both kids and adults and I always encourage students to use what they have learnt.
  • Fei Fei Chinese teacher With me, you'll study in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I have a very personal teaching style for my students.
  • Ally Chinese teacher With me, you'll study in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I have a very personal teaching style for my students.
  • Jason Chinese teacher My classes are always custom-made for you, the student. I enjoy teaching everyone in the best way possible.
  • Emilien Head French teacher I’m an enthusiastic and easygoing French teacher who likes to pass on his knowledge about this beautiful language.
  • Joffrey French teacher I promise you will never feel bored in my class. I will help you progress and improve your French in a fun way.
  • Irvin French teacher A friendly and dynamic teacher, dedicated to helping you master the French language by studying at Modulo!
  • Bo Head Thai teacher Learning languages is like exploring new cultures; those who learn a foreign language see the world differently.
  • Paan Thai teacher I love being able to offer my students the experience of learning a new language. It is a pleasure to teach you Thai.
  • Lalin Thai teacher Teaching brings me great joy and pleasure, and sharing these feelings with my students guarantees fun classes!
  • June Thai teacher I think there is no better part of being a teacher than inspiring my students. I love making my students want to learn!
  • Hiro Japanese teacher I seek the most effective and fun ways to teach. I'm not satisfied unless you're learning and enjoying yourself!
  • BB Branch Manager CW I'm a friendly person who is here to recommend the best language courses for you. Feel free to join us at Modulo!
  • Fana Language Advisor Always willing to help! Just tell me your wants and needs for any course and the time you would like to study.
  • Oil Language advisor Our teachers make studying easy to understand. Come for a free demo and see what you can learn in 30 minutes.
  • Ploy Language advisor I'm willing to answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Come on in for a free trial lesson. See you at Modulo!
  • Arale Language advisor I'm always eager to help. If you have any questions, concerns or needs to be taken care of, just let me know.
  • Kha Language advisor I'm always excited to share our special promotions with our students. You don't have to pay the most to get the best.
  • Bonus Language advisor I'm caring, personable and determined to help our customers. Whenever you need assistance, I'm here for you!