在 Modulo,您会学习到您所需要的知识。您可以在曼谷的交通便利的地理位置学习,轻松提高在中学或大学的泰语听,说,读,写各项技能。

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MModulo's Thai programs are perfect for students in international schools who want to maintain their Thai skills and for students in Thai-language schools who wish to improve their grades.

Designed specifically for Modulo, this general Thai course covers all skills and can help students improve their grades at all levels. All our teachers are experienced and qualified. They are experts at teaching speakers of other languages.

Modulo Language School boasts a unique and effective approach to teaching, combining tried and tested teaching methods with constant cultural and linguistic immersion in the classroom. We also ensure we teach our students modern values and critical thinking skills to get them ready for a brighter future.

Learn About the CEFR Levels
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Here are some details about Modulo's Thai courses

International School Programme

For current students and admissions

We teach students from international schools, either preparing them to communicate with the friendly residents of Thailand, or maintaining their current level of Thai while studying in English throughout the day.

Modulo is committed to internationalism, developing the global citizen, providing an environment for optimal learning, and teaching in an international setting that fosters understanding, independence, critical thinking, and cooperation.

Bilingual Schools

For intermediate to advanced speakers

We teach students from Bilingual Schools just like we would teach young native speakers

Studying in two languages is about more than just language proficiency. It opens and develop the mind to prepare children to the 21st century and expands the choice of both university and career for the future.


Perfect your Thai

Excel in your language, and stand out from the crowd. Focusing on high-level grammar, reading and writing, our teachers will guarantee you are ready to take on even the most challenging of high school Thai exams.

Perfecting your language skills can truly differentiate you from other students applying for positions in university. Getting acceptance at the university of your choosing is key to success in a fast-changing, global world of communication.

Modulo Documents

Take a look at sample documents we use

  • 样本课程
    We maximize learning and cover all parts of the language and use plenty of Thai conversation with fun, exciting activities.

  • 进度报告

  • 证书
    After completing course, our students receive a certificate to highlight their achievements based on the CEFR equivalent Thai levels.

picture of a window from inside a classroom

Modulo Teens

Language focus for all students

Our standard course with a focus on language acquisition and practice, adaptable for all levels of students from any background.

Modulo Thai

From A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced

Activate your Thai with Modulo's custom Thai course. This multi-level and multi-discipline course works on the improvement of all four key language skills, and is adaptable to meet your specific needs and requirements.

The pragmatic approach to developing the skills neceesary to meet your goals means that all of our students leave satisfied, happy in the knowledge that they chose the right school.
The carefully chosen Asia-specific content gets students thinking.

  • 教材
    The Modulo Thai program is comprised of quality student books and writing supplements developed in-house by our team of Thai language experts.

  • 教师
    The Modulo Thai series is a great tool for studying with our great experienced Thai teachers.

  • Reading and writing
    The curriculum also comes with optional reading and writing units, which will be woven in to the structures and vocabulary.

Join the many Modulo students who have improved their Thai!


Our method makes learning easier

Simply follow these 4 steps to language learning success

1 - 学前评估


2 - 目标设定


3 - 学习进行时


4 - 脱口而出












Modulo student






在 Modulo, 用合理的价钱,你接受到的是质量最好的语言教育. 没有隐形费用!


Modulo Thai teacher



All our Thai teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience. They go through Modulo's high-quality training programs and receive regular coaching and workshops continuously through their career with us.

About our Thai teachers:

  • 母语为英语者
  • 大学毕业
  • 教师资格证
  • Modulo 精英培训
  • 经验丰富的教学


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The Modulo materials are custom made to maximize student's progress and to get you speaking Thai right from the start. With 6 levels to choose from, we have enough to keep you busy from your first words to mastery.

Modulo 语言教科书被证明是最完美以及最有效的教材,并且仅能从我们学校得到。与我们的学生合作,由超赞的学术团队和高级教师完成。

We do not only teach Thai learners. We teach people. All our classes are customized for you.

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Modulo Live




Learn more about Modulo Live



Modulo 是一个高端整体的语言学校,我们不仅教学生语言,我们同时还教学生更多。 您想要的和你需要的永远是我们关注的中心。 我们在个性化课程制定,高质量的教学内容方面是唯一及出名于业内的。这些都让我们成为泰国一流的语言教育学校。

Our corporate partners

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The Importance of Thai

EEach year over 12 million people travel to Thailand and a large number relocate or spend an extended amount of time there. Tourists can easily get by speaking no Thai if they stick to the main tourist areas and establishments. If you want a richer holiday and fuller cultural experience, knowing a little Thai will definitely go a long way.
Thai people really appreciate it when visitors manage to speak even just a few words of Thai!
The below information is definitely worth reading for those who are planning to spend an extended amount of time in Thailand.


Living in Thailand

If you plan to stay for a while, it will give you independence for all those simple day to day tasks like ordering food, going shopping or travelling. Knowing Thai will allow you to start a business with a much greater chance of success than any non-Thai speaker and can make it a great deal easier for you to land a high paying expat job. Overall the quality of your life in Bangkok will be significantly increased if you can speak Thai.

Working in Thai

Jobs for foreigners are quite limited in Thailand.
There are lots of foreigners who would love to relocate to Thailand but they cannot because they are unable to find a job. In Thailand there are lots of large multinational companies that do employ foreigners and normally offer large salary packages. If you can read and speak Thai, it will be infinitely easier for you to land these types of jobs.

Integrating into society

Learning Thai will allow you to successfully integrate into society and have a happier and more fulfilled life.
Imagine that you are living in your home country and a new neighbor moves in. You try to build a friendship with him over the years but his language skills are terrible and he doesn’t seem to be improving or even interested in improving. I’m sure that you won’t think very highly of him.

纳尔逊 曼德拉