Modulo Chinese teacher

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Meet the Team

  • Nat Owner My personal goal is to offer both Thai people and foreigners the best language learning opportunity
  • Julien General Manager My team and I work very hard, day after day, to bring the best quality in education to our students and customers.
  • Edward Assistant General Manager I'm determined to guarantee all our students have the most productive (and fun!) learning experience possible.
  • Golf Director of Operations We have a variety of courses to suit your needs with reasonable prices and special promotions. See you soon at Modulo!
  • Nan Assistant Director of Operations I have a good memory. I never forget a face or a name. I am easily approachable by adults and children alike.
  • Rob Academic Director R9 I'm keen on business teaching and I have a large amount of experience teaching English in the corporate world.
  • Mike Academic Director CW Guaranteeing our students get the best language learning service possible both motivates and inspires me.
  • Reese English teacher I'm a very energetic teacher, and I transfer this energy to my students, ensuring they always have fun and learn!
  • Joe English teacher I'm a friendly and patient English teacher who makes a comfortable learning environment for all my students.
  • Sultan English teacher I always keep the class fun and interactive so my students are engaged, interested and having a good time!
  • Ian English teacher I like to use creativity and storytelling to intrigue and inspire; providing both realistic and imaginative contexts.
  • Alex English teacher I'm an easy-going people person who loves fun and helping people succeed. You'll see this reflected in all my classes.
  • Satamp English teacher Teaching is always surprising; it's not just about boring classrooms but about learning new things, together!
  • Brian English teacher The opportunity to see my students learn and improve is what motivates me to continually grow as an educator.
  • Stephanie Head Chinese teacher I'm an easygoing, patient and friendly teacher who loves to share my beautiful language and lovely culture here.
  • Yun Yun Chinese teacher I make my classes alive and fun for both kids and adults and I always encourage students to use what they have learnt.
  • Fei Fei Chinese teacher With me, you'll study in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I have a very personal teaching style for my students.
  • Ally Chinese teacher With me, you'll study in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I have a very personal teaching style for my students.
  • Jason Chinese teacher My classes are always custom-made for you, the student. I enjoy teaching everyone in the best way possible.
  • Emilien Head French teacher I’m an enthusiastic and easygoing French teacher who likes to pass on his knowledge about this beautiful language.
  • Joffrey French teacher I promise you will never feel bored in my class. I will help you progress and improve your French in a fun way.
  • Irvin French teacher A friendly and dynamic teacher, dedicated to helping you master the French language by studying at Modulo!
  • Bo Head Thai teacher Learning languages is like exploring new cultures; those who learn a foreign language see the world differently.
  • Paan Thai teacher I love being able to offer my students the experience of learning a new language. It is a pleasure to teach you Thai.
  • Lalin Thai teacher Teaching brings me great joy and pleasure, and sharing these feelings with my students guarantees fun classes!
  • June Thai teacher I think there is no better part of being a teacher than inspiring my students. I love making my students want to learn!
  • Hiro Japanese teacher I seek the most effective and fun ways to teach. I'm not satisfied unless you're learning and enjoying yourself!
  • BB Branch Manager CW I'm a friendly person who is here to recommend the best language courses for you. Feel free to join us at Modulo!
  • Fana Language Advisor Always willing to help! Just tell me your wants and needs for any course and the time you would like to study.
  • Oil Language advisor Our teachers make studying easy to understand. Come for a free demo and see what you can learn in 30 minutes.
  • Ploy Language advisor I'm willing to answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Come on in for a free trial lesson. See you at Modulo!
  • Arale Language advisor I'm always eager to help. If you have any questions, concerns or needs to be taken care of, just let me know.
  • Kha Language advisor I'm always excited to share our special promotions with our students. You don't have to pay the most to get the best.
  • Bonus Language advisor I'm caring, personable and determined to help our customers. Whenever you need assistance, I'm here for you!