Korean Launch Promotion

We're launching Korean language at Modulo, and we have great discounts for all languages!


August Promo

The first half of August is very special

MModulo is excited to announce the launch of a new language: Korean! To celebrate, we're offering amazing cash-back discounts for all languages until August 15th.
For the first two weeks of August, we are exclusively giving Modulo students up to 7,000 baht off their private and semi-private courses, or 25% off group classes!
Our teachers are waiting and eager to give you the fantastic Modulo quality lessons you've come to expect, from all of our schools and online!

Special promotion

Study a private or semi-private course and get cash back!

Short course - Save 1,000 baht!
Full course - Save 3,000 baht!
Extended course - Save 7,000 baht!

Huge discounts on group classes

Interested in the Modulo unlimited group classes? We're giving everyone 25% off!

English, French, Japanese and Korean - Starts at 340 baht!
Chinese - Starts at 300 baht!
Thai - Starts at 265 baht!

Promotions valid until August 15th

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Modulo August promo

Forever promotions

an image about Modulo's permanent promotions saying this is forever

At Modulo, we don't charge you to be one of our students. We reward you.

Signup fees? Paying trial lessons? Interest rates? No, thank you. The longer you study with us, the more you get in return!

Free assessments

Make an appointment today, It's free! We offer free one-on-one assessments, done by our skilled and experienced teachers. They will be able to determine your level, and give you advice on your strengths and weaknesses.

0% interest

Our financial plans are very flexible and have no interest rate! Everyone can join us and improve their skills thanks to this great and very affordable offer. Contact us for more info!

Fidelity rewards

Are you currently a student at Modulo? We will offer you an extra discount on your next lesson package. Your friends, colleagues and family members are eligible, too!

No signup fee

No application fee, no registration fee, so sign up fee... Why should you pay anything else but your lessons to become our students? Contact us for more information.



Modulo 是一个高端整体的语言学校,我们不仅教学生语言,我们同时还教学生更多。 您想要的和你需要的永远是我们关注的中心。 我们在个性化课程制定,高质量的教学内容方面是唯一及出名于业内的。这些都让我们成为泰国一流的语言教育学校。

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