Five a Day

The teachers at Modulo have put together a list of the Top 5 Daily Exercises to Mastering the English Language

1 - Read an English Newspaper

“But the Daily Mail is banned in Thailand”

No problem. Read a Thai newspaper translated into English (the Bangkok Post), this way you are already familiar with the stories in the paper. Pick a topic you like, fashion, technology, gossip, and read 1 article each morning. This starts your day with a quick English warm-up and gets your brain thinking in English for the rest of the day.

- Teacher Rob says that “reading the newspaper is a great way to learn new vocabulary”.

2 - Watch English Films

“But no Thai Subtitles?!”

Action films are a great way to start because the stories are all the same. There's a good guy. A bad guy. They fight! So you can sit back, forget the plot, and start focusing on the dialogue. Later you can move on to TV series where the stories and character relationships are more complicated.

- Teacher Edward says that “watching English films without the subtitles will improve your listening, and you'll pick up some useful, natural, conversational English too”.

3 - Listen to English Music

“Pause your K-Pop, your J-Pop, your Luk-Thung music, and your Carabao”

You can listen to English music anywhere and everywhere. In your car on the way to work. Through your earphones at the gym. On YouTube whilst you are cooking. Even on the toilet! Now there is never an excuse not to be listening to English. Don't forget to ask your teacher the meanings in songs, translating lyrics is a great, fun, in-class activity.

- Teacher Brian says that “listening to English music will help you immerse your life in the English language, and you'll even pick up some useful English slang along the way”.

4 - Practice Practice, Practice.

“We all know Thai people love to it in English”

Meet your friend for coffee each day but agree to only speak in English. Be strict! Tell your office that Monday in 'English day' and that everyone must only speak in English. Tell your family that dinner time is 'English time', they must only speak in English or they wont get any food!

- Teacher Gary says that “the more you speak the more your confidence improves. The more your confidence improves the quicker you will master speaking English”.

5 - Write a Daily Diary

“Dear Diary...”

Writing a daily diary is a great way to reflect on the days events and give your brain a healthy English workout before bed. Remember to say what happened and include your thoughts and opinions. Try not to repeat the same things every day, and most importantly, keep it interesting!

Boring: Dear Diary, today I had a stomachache and I went to the toilet 13 times. I stayed in bed and slept all day.

Interesting: Dear Diary, today I was walking along Sukhumvit when a bird pooed on my head. I was angry at first, but then I remembered that in the UK we say that a bird pooing on your head is good luck. I'm still not sure how this is 'good luck'. It felt a lot like bad luck to me!

- Teacher Mike says that “writing a daily diary is a great way to practice using the past tense, and it will also help you to improve your writing”.